Why do Clock run Clockwise?

Why do clock run clockwise?
Why do clock run clockwise?

Almost 70% of the public wears wrist watch in their hands, but did they know about watch's clockwise facts?
Probably No, have you ever think why do Clock run clockwise? why not anti-clockwise?
As you know the fork move into the direction of clockwise from the top to the right, then down and then to the left, and back up to the top. But do you know why?

In this article, I'm gonna share the facts behind the clockwise rotation of watch forks.

Why do clock run Clockwise?

In earlier times, when people don't have gadgets to check time they uses sun as the medium to analyse time. They use to capture sun's movie and it's shadow to measure the almost correct time.

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How do they check?

The clocks were preceded by sundials and, in the Northern Hemisphere, the shadow of the gnomon on a sundial moves "clockwise" during the day.

In earlier time, Civilizations from the Northern part of the globe could have a look at the solar's obvious motion going from East to South, and then West. with the aid of the usage of a gnomon (a stick or a column), it was feasible to comply with the round motion of its shadow, who happenend to be clockwise.

while the primary clocks had been built, it was obviously the clockwise rotation that turned into followed.

Where to wear watch? 

Most left-handed people prefer to draw circles and circulate in buildings clockwise, while most right-handed people prefer to draw circles and circulate in buildings counterclockwise. This is believed to result from dominant brain hemispheres, though some attribute it to muscle mechanics. It all depends on wearer. Most of the people use their non-dominant hand.

Is it necessary to run clockwise? 

Not much, if you'll never find a single watch with anti-clockwise rotation, except those modern watch which contains digital time measurements. You'll find time in 00:00 formats in those watch.
Clockwise is pretty good to understand and universally adopted method. So, it would be good if you adopt the same as others.

Final Words:

Hence, I'm sure that you must have get your answer, if you still have some query or suggestion; Comment below. We feel happy to help you. Sharing is caring so don't forget to share. Keep visiting. 

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Who designed Indian National Flag? | Happy Independence Day

Who Degined Indian National Flag? 

First of all I would like to say Happy Independence Day ! Because this day plays an important role in Indian's Life Cycle. Without this they would remain as slaves for Britishers.  Secondly, Indian patriot loves their national flag more than his/her own life. They can't bear any misshappening with their national flag. If you're an indian so you can also understand those feelings. So, would you like to know that Who Designed Indian Nation Flag? I recommend you, you must have to check it out.

National Flag is one of the Most valuable thing for it's country. It doesn't matter who they are, where they live, from which caste they belong. All they have to be is patriot to their home country as well their current country where they are. No one will tease or bear anything happening to their flag. So, be careful about that and always try to wave the flag.

Check the History of HELLO Word !

Who Designed Indian National Flag?
Who Designed Indian National Flag?

As you know National Flag contains 3 colour and one Ashok Chakra in the middle of the flag.  Let's dive into a deep theory of those colour and Ashok Chakra Myth. There are 3 colour in Indian National Flag, which are Saffron (Bhagwa), White and Green. They are adopted into a proper sequel. Each colour stands for a purpose and described as follow:

Saffron (Bhagwa/Kesariya) :

Saffron colour stands for the abandonment of illusion like Money or Lust. Our pioneers must be not interested in material picks up and commit themselves to their work. They must have to pay attention to humanity and social welfare. 

White :

Seeing the colour only reveals that it must stands for peace or serenity. White colour i s in the center and also contain Ashok Chakra. It's shows us the path of truth and the spirit of peace and purity.

Ashok Chakra : 

The Ashok Chakra is in the center of White Colour Strap, designed with 24 spokes in a circular shape with navy blue colour. which stands for the Wheel of the law of Dharma. Again, the wheel denotes motion. There is death in stagnation. There is life in movement. India should no more resist change, it must move and go forward. The wheel represents the dynamism of a peaceful change.

Green : 

Green colour shows us the relation of human and the nature (plants and soil as well) As we live they also, so we have to take care of them also as we do our own. Because human and animal nature depends on plants life. We can feed our stomach because of plants only, because of nature only. So we must have to kind with them.

Indian Flag is mixture of three colour that is why the indian flag also known as "TRICOLOUR or TIRANGA in Hindi"

Now, let's move to the topic and talk about the person who designed Indian National Flag.

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Name of the Person Who Designed Indian National Flag

The legend who was named as Pingali Venkayya. Who was a passionate agriculturist and also a freedom fighter top. He was born at Bhatlapenumarru, near Masulipatnam, in what is now the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. Pingali Venkayya's version was first designed for the Indian National Congress and subsequently modified in 1947. 

The first Indian Flag image was represented in a meeting of Constituent Assembly which was held on 22 July, 1947.  Also it was adopted on same date as the National Flag of India.

The Flag was made up of Khadi a special hand-spun cloth of cotton which was made popular by Mahatma Gandhi Ji.

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Few Indian Nation Flag Images

Indian Flag Wave
Indian Flag Wave Images 

Indian National Flag Image
Indian National Flag Image

Indian Flag Image Wallpaper
Indian Flag Image Wallpaper

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Final Words:

I'm sure that you had collected some awesome facts and myths of indian national flag, and also introduced with the person who designed Indian national flag. 
Also we have listed some indian national flag image and wallpapers so if you wanna make them your profile picture. So, if you're a true patriot make a share and stay tuned with us, keep visiting for more updates.
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Did You Know High Heels Were Originally Invented For Men?

Did You Know High Heels Were Originally Invented For Men

Did you know that high heels were originally invented for men and men wore heels long before womens, but due to some hidden myths and facts they left heels as their priority and start wearing boots and shoes with flat bottoms. And women adopted the same high heels stuff to look more tall and smart in front of public.

Hey readers, we are here with an amazing Myth which makes you shock that high heels were invented for men not for women. Yes, this is totally true. It sounds crazy because man on high heels look weird now a days, but in ancient times high heels identifies rich people's.

There are many facts and myths with were spread out the world and public. Basically there are top most 2 myths behind the invention of high heels for men. Let me cover both of them.

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Did You Know High Heels Were Originally Invented For Men
Did You Know High Heels Were Originally Invented For Men

Why High Heels were invented for men ?

As you don't know that Why Shirt Pockets are always on left side?  You don't know this Myth too. There are mainly two myths behind the invention. Which we are talk about in this session, 

  1. The main high heel wearers are accepted to have been Persian horseback warriors at some point around the ninth century. The expanded heel was apparently grown particularly to ride, to shield the rider's foot from slipping out of the stirrups. It likewise held the rider enduring when standing up in the stirrups and shooting bolts. So, this was the first reason behind the creation of heels.

“When the soldier stood up in his stirrups, the heel helped him to secure his stance so that he could shoot his bow and arrow more effectively,” says Semmelhack.

2.  The heels were extended to make the man look even taller then the actual height. 

Similarly as the 1980s had famous shoe authority Imelda Marcos, the 1600s had a raging shoe gatherer and trend setter in King Louis XIV of France. While he was an effective leader, his tallness came up short at five feet, four inches tall (1.62 m), which was somewhat below normal in his day. 

A king being somewhat shorter than normal wasn't perfect for his personality, so Louis took measures to make himself look taller, wearing four inch heels, frequently improved with expound fight scenes. In the end, he changed to having red high heels on every one of his shoes and proclaimed that exclusive the more elite classes of society could have coordinating red high heels. 

High Heels History

High heels history built a great impact on fashion, Since 19th Century, men got away from the heel almost completely to show their distinction from women. But still there are some places where heels were being used by mens like cowboy shoes, high heels boots for horse riding. For horse riding high heels boots was originally invented, then after some time it is being used for look taller than life. So, it comes into fashion and later all both men and women adopted this culture and start wearing heels. Men got away from the heels but womens still wears heels to look more fashionable and tall. 

Red High Heels are most popular heels among the celebrities or people's who love to wear heels because it look more attractive rather than any other kinda of heels. White and Black heels also looks more familiar but red is on top lead. Do you know why school buses are yellow in color?

High Heels Images

high heels boots

 high heels boots

high heels shoes

high heels shoes

Man on high heels
Man on high heels

Expensive high heels
Expensive high heels 


At the end of the post, I'm sure that you had received all of the necessary details about the Myth of High Heels, and got a hugd Amount about the topic "High Heels were originally invented for men" but if missed any point so let us known by comments. Stay tuned with us for more updates, keep sharing. 

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Punch Your ATM PIN Reverse to avoid Theft [Hoax or Not]

Punch Your ATM PIN Reverse to avoid theft

Punch Your ATM PIN Reverse to avoid Theft [Hoax or Not]
Punch Your ATM PIN Reverse to avoid Theft
[Hoax or Not]

Have you ever heard if you enter your ATM PIN Reverse then it will beep an alarm to the police? No? There are tons of hoax and rumor about ATM and Security Levels, but most of them are fake. As this ATM PIN reverse trick.  Maybe you haven't tried this trick to avoid Theft or if you have tried then it didn't work for you. Reason is that this is just a hoax not a true fact. Let me clear this hoax first then we will move to the Real Myth behind this rumor.

In this ATM PIN Backwards trick if any robber forced you to withdraw money from an ATM Machine, you can tell the police by entering your PIN backward. For instance if your PIN is 1234 then you would put in 4321. The ATM recognizes that your PIN is in reverse from the ATM card you put in the machine. The machine will in any case give you the cash you asked for, however also alert nearby police station so that the police will be quickly dispatched to help you.

ATM PIN Reverse

But this was just a idea introduced by an officer but government didn't applied this Security System in ATM's because of some palindromic PIN's like - 1111, 4444 etc. They remains same in reverse punch too. So this will create a problem for the User to alert the police. Or there are another examples are also faced by government security head regards this ATM PIN Hack, like some of the PIN's are too relevant to reverse form my mistyping or misspelled the user indirectly make a alert to police. Like - 2032, 7127 or kind of relevant PIN's which might be create same format as reverse PIN. So, this system was not adopted by the government for being safe from ATM Crime.

It's been brought into the spotlight again as of late because of the flow of an email junk letter fabrication in 2006, which has since spread to informal communities like Facebook and Tumblr. As you know social media is the best place to spread hoax and rumors.

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ATM PIN Number Backwards

This ATM PIN number backwards hoax has existed since the mid-1980s, when some American police divisions proposed an ATM PIN framework that would do only that, trusting it to be a powerful method for following offenders. It's been brought into the spotlight again as of late because of the course of an email junk letter deception in 2006, which has since spread to informal communities like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

SafetyPIN is not at present utilized as a part of ATM frameworks, despite widely circulated rumors originating from a chain letter e-mail, for the most part because of issues in regards to reversible PINs being incompatible with the framework and potential security vulnerabilities that could emerge if actualized.

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ATM PIN Backwards

In 2006, an email networking letter fabrication circled that asserted an invert PIN pressure code framework is set up generally. American Banker written about January 2, 2007 that no PIN-inversion coercion code is utilized on any ATM as of that date. In September 2013 the fabrication was all the while circling in Australia with the content:

If you should ever be forced by a robber to withdraw money from an ATM, you can notify the police by entering your PIN in reverse. For example if your PIN is 1234 then you would put in 4321. The ATM recognizes that your PIN is backwards from the ATM card you placed in the machine. The machine will still give you the money you requested, but unknown to the robber, the police will be immediately dispatched to help you. This information was recently broadcast on TV and it states that it is seldom used because people don't know it exists. Please pass this along to everyone possible. Australian Federal Police. AFP Web site: http://www.afp.gov.au

Hence the point is that this is a fake rumor, there is no SafetyPIN system in our ATMs to be careful at that time no one will call police if you enter atm pin number backwards or correct.

Final Words:

 To introduce you with the true facts and myths is our first motive, so we advice you  not to trust on this hoax. You can also confirm this query from Bank or ATM branch so that you'll get a clear chit. ATM PIN reverse is just a rumor it doesn't exist in our ATM system. If you like our post and find something valuable so make a share to support and if you have any other information regarding this topic let us know by comments or mail us privately. Feel free to comment below we will happy to help you. Keep sharing and stay tuned with us.


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Who is Hero Alom? Mystery or Miracle

Who is Hero Alom? A Mystery or a Miracle

As you know that Now a days Hero Alom is on Trending Section among the roasters and troll makers, just because of his look and weak body. But did you know about his lifestyle and his past? Or ever tried to get some information about his conflict heavy life. I'm pretty sure that the results will popped out in negative ratio. Reason? Because no one wants to gain some inspiration or motivation, most of the crowd follow the Roasters and wants to earn handsome money so they also do the same as their senior. People just download Hero Alom Photos and make meme's on it and make fun of it. It's not interesting -_- You must have to know that "Who is Hero Alom? Mystery or Miracle" in this post we will introduce you with his past.

Maybe most of us thinks that Hero Alom is son of Millionaire or a son of movie director so that he got chance in movie industry. But all of this was false, it's just a hoax. Hero Alom is a self-made man who had struggled a lot to achieve this success. There is no support of any kind of bribe or anything.

The Real Name/Full Name of Hero Alom is Ashraful Alom Hossen Saeed. Hero Alom or Hero Alom Bogra is just a nick name. He take birth in a small village named Eruliya village in Bogra District, Bangladesh. He was born in a poor family, his parents left him because they are too poor to feed him. It raise up to adoptive father Abdur Razzak, now he is known as the superstar of Bangladesh. He had worked in hundreds of videos, you can check them out on Google or Hero Alom Youtube Channel. who had done all of his upbringing. Let's take a deep dive into this, scroll down for facts and hero alom biography.

Who is Hero Alom? Mystery or Miracle
Who is Hero Alom? Mystery or Miracle

Hero Alom Bogra Biography 

As you know that Hero Alom is a Bangladeshi Superstar and created a good impact in movie industries also. Also Bangladeshi loves Hero Alom Bogra as we love Shaharukh Khan. But neighbouring countries like India and Pakistan or some other are making meme's and roast him just because of his physical appearance. He is not so smart as John Abraham, Varun Dhawan but still he is not caring about these things and conectarte on his own career. He follow his own passion and he is passionate about his work. 

Alom Bogra is a rising star and also a self-made man, there is no help or support for him. But he didn't stop till he reach to the top. Now he had achieved his dream and was enjoying his happy life. Till the roasting video of CarryMinati, but after that video the life of hero alom got a nasty remark on career. He continuously gets dislikes and disgusting trolls, at last he had deleted Youtube Channel also. Yes, Hero Alom YouTube Channel was deleted just because of heavy rush of dislikes and bad comments to his channel.

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Hero Alom YouTube Channel 

As we talked that Hero Alom YouTube Channel was deleted, CarryMinati (who had roasted for first time on Hero Alom is Back - Hero Alom Is Back Video) is not the single reason behind this. There are tons of roasters who had created Roasting Videos, Hero alom funny video, Hero alom funny photo and meme's because Hero Alom was in Trending. So, they also jump on the bandwagon to make handsome money by insulting someone. 

Hero Alom Photos are viral on internet, people are making fun with them. Some of hero alom photos which are famed into trolling world are posted below. Our motive is not to harm anyone's fellings, we are sharing these images just to introduce you with creepiest things on internet. In India, Hero Alom Photos are popular target of online trolling and popular subject of memes.

Hero Alom Photos

His trolls are getting hype of craziness among public, people make hero alom's trolls and meme and spread it all over the social networking area. Some of them are on Twitter Trending section also.

Hero Alom Photos Funny
Hero Alom Photos Funny

hero alom funny photo
hero alom funny photo

Hero Alom meme troll
Hero Alom meme troll

Hero Alom Wife, Family, and Worth!

As we know that Hero Alom Bogra is adopted by man named Abdul Razzak who had done all of his upbringing. He was not his real father he was step-father to Alom. But he never reacted like that, he treated Alom as his own son.

Hero Alom get married with a girl who belongs to islamic religion and  lives in neighbouring village on 8 April, 2010. Hero Alom Wife name is Sumi Akter, also there are 2 childerns of hero alom and his wife. The name of both childerns are Aalo (Daughter) and Abir (Son).

Alom Bogra is not so rich but the fact is he had created a huge number of followers and popularity in Bangladesh. The net Worth of Hero Alom is $300000+ which is an average worth for a superstar.

Hero Alom biography
Hero Alom biography

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Hero Alom Interview

In a interview hero alom had acknowledged that he was born into a poor family, even they can't feed himself how can they pay the school fee. So, this may lead that Hero Alom studied till decent standard and left teh school. He was not well educated as others but their is something different in hero alom to others. He had a dream to become a actor, he never thought about colour and feel ashamed because of black skin color. He was totally motivated into a stable passion and follow that till the end. 

He had started many bussiness to earn money in earlier life like CD Casstee Business, Cable TV network and other. But none of them works fine, but he didn't loose hope. Hero Alom song were available on Hero Alom Youtube Channel but after this deleting the Youtube Channel, you can find the history on Hero Alom Facebook page or on Google.

He struggled a lot in between the journey but at last, the destination was waiting for him. This was 100% true story, which is shared by alom Bogra himself, Into a Hero Alom Interview section.

Let's Dive into a Deep Bio about Hero Alom Bogra

  • The Real name of Hero Alom is "Ashraful Alom Hossen Saeed"
  • He was born into a poor family.
  • Her guardian was "Abdul Razzak"
  • Hero Alom didn't went for higher studies, he dropped out seventh class and left the school.
  • He started a CD Casstee business to earn handsome money to run routine expenses. But it didn't work last longer.
  • Later, he started Cable TV Network Business. It was his life's turing point.
  • In 2008, he recorded a Video song and gain tons of likes and dislikes too. By this, he git motivated and continuously start working on it.
  • Till 2017, he had successfully completed more than 500 Video Songs and many commercial advertisement also.
  • In 2010 he got married by Sumi Akter, and now he is the father of two childrens. Aalo (Daughter) and Abir (Son).
  • His source of income is Video Songs and TV Commercial advertisment networks. His Worth is near about $300000 
  • Hero Alom YouTube Channel got more than 4.23 Million+ views on his 200 self-made videos.
  • Hence, this was the bitter truth of Hero Alom Bogras life and the struggling face.

He didn't look at those people who make fun or troll of his look, he never feel shame for what he have. He just follow his dreams that now, there is a huge number of fan following of hero alom.

Hero Alom Facebook  Page

Alom Bogra had deleted his youtube channel and now if you want to reach to Alom bohra, you can connect him on his facebook Page. The link of the Hero Alom Facebook page is given below.

Hero Alom Facebook Page

He began making music videos as a hobby. Later he start uploading videos on his own Youtube channel for popularity and for earning also. Here is the Hero Alom Youtube Channel Link which is now deleted.

Hero Alom YouTube Channel

Hero Alom Movie List, Videos, Hero Alom Songs

When hero alom was of 10 year old he dreams that he would become a Hero and he start working for it. In 2008, he had created his first video. It became viral and since then, there is no turning back. Now, he has created more than 500 music videos. He also get many dislikes and people tease him for making this kind stuff because he was not so good looking and not so strong in physical way. But he didn't stop, he carries out what he does. He continues his dream and hustle for it. There are more than 500+ video songs in which Hero Alom had worked and some TV Commercial Advertisement and movies also.

Yet we don't have a exact hero alom movie list, and hero alom song names but you can google them or keep checking our blog. We will update the list within few time. With download link so that you can make hero alom video download or hero alom video song download.

Final Words: 

A beautiful face will age and a perfect body will change, but a Beautiful Soul will always be a beautiful soul. At the end of the post im pretty sure that you have got utmost everything you need to know about " Who is Hero Alok? Master or Miracle". A lower class boy who had built it's own empire, whose not rich, he was poor but his goals are planned and he hustle for it also. Comment below if you have any kind of issue or information related to article. If you like our work then don't forget to share, keep sharing and stay tuned with us for more stuff. 
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30 Interesting Navel (Belly Button) Facts! 7th is Hilarious

A belly button, sometimes called a navel, is something everyone have in the world has! A boy or a Girl, Young or Old aged, teen or Adult, they're always in the same place on their bodies. Have you ever thought Why do I have a navel? It is really helps us in any process? Or kind of any decorative purpose? So, Stay relaxed, we will answer all of your doubts one by one.

A Belly Button (Navel) isn't a natural part, it is a tiny stump given by doctors or by midwife while the mother is giving birth to child. In next paragraph we will clearly get all the information related to belly, keep scrolling for more. Maybe you have tons of questions about the topic, but some of them are very up voted by people. So, lemme clear those doubt's.

30 Interesting Navel (Belly Button) Facts!
30 Interesting Navel (Belly Button) Facts!

How did we get Navel?

Basically, itsn't natural organ like hands, legs, eyes or other body parts. When a baby develops inside the mother, he or she floats in fluid inside the mother's womb. While the baby is in there, he or she can't breathe air or eat food or get the basic proteins to survive. That's where the umbilical cord comes in. The umbilical cord is a flexible tube that carries oxygen and nutrients from the mother to the baby. It also carries wastes away from the baby back to the mother, so she can get rid of them. What's the relation of umbilical cord to our Belly Button? Your belly button marks the spot where your umbilical cord was once attached.

The brand-new baby doesn't need an umbilical cord anymore. So, The doctor cuts the umbilical cord and a tiny stump is left on the body. When this stump falls off after a few weeks, the baby is left with his or her very own baby belly button.

It might be an innie or an outtie — which kinda do you have?

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30 Interesting Navel (Belly Button) Facts!

1. Whether you will have an outie or an innie depends on the way the doctors tie the umbilical cord during your birth. Actually, outie is faulty and is created only if the cord is not tied properly.

2. Navel is likewise the home for cloth lint. This happens because it is gathered by the hair around the belly button and lint finds its way inside the scar.

3. Women are less prone to navel lint compared to men. Also, people with outies generally do not have navel lint because the lint finds nowhere to go and rest.

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4. Whether you will have an outie or an innie depends on the way the doctors tie the umbilical cord during your birth. Actually, outie is faulty and is created only if the cord is not tied properly.

5. Belly button can appear as sticking out and is known as outtie or it can actually stick in and is known as innie. Innies are more common than outies. Only 4% of total world-wide population have outies. It is really scarce.

6. Belly button is unique only to mammals. Non-mammals that lay egg don’t possess belly buttons. So, humans are not the unique ones to possess this scar.

7. Belly button is one among the dirtiest places in our body. Honestly, it is very gross because it is the home to 67 different types of bacteria. Out of these 67 types, 2 are very rare.

8. Traditional Indian medicine and even Chinese acupuncture uses belly button as a sight for treatment in alternative medicine. Belly button is used to successfully treat many ailments including problems like snake bites and even roundworms.

9. According to Indian traditional yoga, there are 7 major chakras or energy points in human body and navel is one of them.

10. In Indian mythology, the belly button is very sacred because it is believed that men (not women) are born from the navel of Lord Vishnu. Well, it is not just Hindu mythology that puts stress on navel. Even Bible has mentioned it as important stating that it actually links heaven and earth, making it one of the most sacred places on earth.

11. Two humans will never have identical belly buttons because the germs residing inside the scar are unique to each human.

12. Different people have different shapes for their navel. Some have T-shape and some may have horizontal shape or something different.

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13. Researchers have found out that T-shaped navels are the sexiest of all with horizontal ones taking the second spot. T navels have an average score of 5.24 on the scale of 1 to 10 with 1 depicting least attractive and 10 depicting most attractive. Horizontal navels have 4.20 average score.

14. Belly buttons are capable of changing shape but this usually happens in women especially during pregnancy. When a woman gets pregnant, the innie can simply pop out and become and outie and stay that way for the rest of her life.

15. Navels can get infections. Despite the fact that there are many different types of bacteria that live in the navels, the belly buttons are perfectly fine.

16. The Fact that navel infections are not bacterial infections. They are rather fungal infections and are usually found in fat people who have large skin folds. These skin folds can cover up the navel and make it hot and moist, eventually leading to fungal infections.

17. Using antibacterial product to wash the belly button is not suggested. These products can kill the bacteria that live in the navel. They are actually our first line of defense against external microbes and fight of germs and other bacteria. So, let them be there.

18. Normally a person has an innie. If anyone have an outie, it signifies the improper tying up of the umbilical cord after birth.

19. It takes the most time to heal which is around 9 months to a whole year unlike ears, nose and eyebrows.

20. Each person has a different navel because of the different bacteria present in there. Everyone is unique in this world.  :p

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21. Scientists are spending millions of dollars just to research on this unique scar on our body because the believe that the position of the navel can actually be advantageous in some types of sports like swimming and running.

22. University of Helsinki researchers have found out that women with symmetrical belly buttons that are located centrally on their body are more likely to give birth to healthy babies.

23. Chemical analysis revealed the pieces of fluff were not made up of only cotton from clothing. Wrapped up in the lint were also flecks of dead skin, fat, sweat and dust.

24. Our belly button is one of the important parts of our body. It has so many functions to perform inside our body. It also serves as a fashion statement. for example women flaunt their belly buttons in low-waist-denims and sarees.

25. Not all people wash belly buttons daily. In fact most people simply don’t care about the scar. Some people do wash it but it is always suggested to use a plain soap or simply water to wash the scar.

26. Unlike such body parts as the nose or armpits, the navel doesn’t secrete anything. Also, since most people tend to ignore their belly buttons.

27. The heart of Utah's Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument lives a giant pothole colloquially named the "Cosmic Navel".
The unique landform is almost 200 feet wide, and geologists believe it may be up to 216,000 years old.

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28. Speaking of lint, someone actually holds the Guinness World Record for the largest lint collection.

29. Karolina Kurkova who was voted as world’s sexiest woman in year 2008 did not have a belly button. How is that possible? As a child she was born with a special type of hernia in which her intestines protruded out from the navel. She was surgically fixed and the belly button was reconstructed, leaving behind only a dimple which was neither an innie or an outie.

30. Assuming the Adam and Eve were the first humans, logically they didn’t have navels. Why not? Because they were not born from the womb of a human. They were banished to earth because the ate the forbidden fruit. They just appeared!


Maybe this is Enough for this topic, I'm pretty sure that you have received a lots of knowledge about Navel by Reading for Article " 30 Interesting Navel (Belly Button) Facts ". If you have some more information or Facts related to the article, so make a shout on our contact us page. You can also Comment below for fast reply. We will feel happy to help you and getting help from you. Keep Sharing, and Stay Tuned With us for more interesting myths.

Note : Don't come to me for Disha Patani's pictures, I have just one pic. of her and I have posted that too. 

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The Twitter Bird Actually Has a Name – Larry

Do you really know about that blue bird always popping up these days? It's Twitter. Do you know The Twitter Bird Actually has a Name - Larry. Well, the little guy's got a name. It's Larry. Larry the Bird. As in, Larry Bird, the Hall of Fame Basketball player. So, in this article we will explore some interesting knowledge about The Twitter Bird Actually Has a Name – Larry.

This tidbit most recently came to light earlier this week, thanks to a tweet from Ryan Sarver, a platform and API manager at Twitter. He posted a photo of Twitter's creative director, Doug Bowman, explaining how the company's logo has developed over the years. Sarver's tweet mentioned the "evolution of the Larry the Bird logo."

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The Twitter Bird Actually Has a Name – Larry
The Twitter Bird Actually Has a Name – Larry

The Twitter Bird Actually has a Name - Larry

What kind of bird is it?

It's a sparrow, canary or robin. But wikipedia states that "According to Douglas Bowman, designer of Twitter, the new logo resembles a Mountain Bluebird." It is in female gender.

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Why do they call it Twitter?

The original name was 'Status' but after searching through the dictionary, he found the word Twitter. The definition of word twitter was “a short burst of inconsequential information, and chirps from birds.” ... Inspired by flickr, Dorsey initially called it “twttr” and later changed its pronounce back to Twitter for simplicity.

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Twitter Logo History

The original logo with the word ‘twitter’ was used from July 15, 2006 to September 14, 2010.

A bird - scruffier bird was added in September 14, 2010 and this logo continued till June 5, 2012.

From June 5, 2012 the logo retained the modified ‘bird’ which is cute, little and upwardly mobile and dispensed with the letters.

Revolution of Twitter Logo and Human
Revolution of Twitter Logo and Human

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Conclusion -

So here was the complete guide about The Twitter Bird Actually Has a Name – Larry. I'm pretty sure that you must have got your answer related to Twitter Logo History, It was of Larry. If you have any other information about this topic, comment below or you can also directly mail us to get in touch.
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