Why do Clock run Clockwise?

Almost 70% of the public wears wrist watch in their hands, but did they know about watch's clockwise facts?
Probably No, have you ever think why do Clock run clockwise? why not anti-clockwise?
As you know the fork move into the direction of clockwise from the top to the right, then down and then to the left, and back up to the top. But do you know why?

In this article, I'm gonna share the facts behind the clockwise rotation of watch forks.

Why do clock run Clockwise? In earlier times, when people don't have gadgets to check time they uses sun as the medium to analyse time. They use to capture sun's movie and it's shadow to measure the almost correct time.

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How do they check?
The clocks were preceded by sundials and, in the Northern Hemisphere, the shadow of the gnomon on a sundial moves "clockwise" during the day.
In earlier time, Civilizations from the Northern part of the globe could have…

Who designed Indian National Flag? | Happy Independence Day

Who Degined Indian National Flag? 

First of all I would like to say Happy Independence Day ! Because this day plays an important role in Indian's Life Cycle. Without this they would remain as slaves for Britishers.  Secondly, Indian patriot loves their national flag more than his/her own life. They can't bear any misshappening with their national flag. If you're an indian so you can also understand those feelings. So, would you like to know that Who Designed Indian Nation Flag? I recommend you, you must have to check it out.

National Flag is one of the Most valuable thing for it's country. It doesn't matter who they are, where they live, from which caste they belong. All they have to be is patriot to their home country as well their current country where they are. No one will tease or bear anything happening to their flag. So, be careful about that and always try to wave the flag.

Check the History of HELLO Word !

As you know National Flag contains 3 colour and one…

Did You Know High Heels Were Originally Invented For Men?

Did You Know High Heels Were Originally Invented For Men

Did you know that high heels were originally invented for men and men wore heels long before womens, but due to some hidden myths and facts they left heels as their priority and start wearing boots and shoes with flat bottoms. And women adopted the same high heels stuff to look more tall and smart in front of public.

Hey readers, we are here with an amazing Myth which makes you shock that high heels were invented for men not for women. Yes, this is totally true. It sounds crazy because man on high heels look weird now a days, but in ancient times high heels identifies rich people's.

There are many facts and myths with were spread out the world and public. Basically there are top most 2 myths behind the invention of high heels for men. Let me cover both of them.

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Why High Heels were invented for men ? As you don't know that Why Shirt Pockets are always on le…

Punch Your ATM PIN Reverse to avoid Theft [Hoax or Not]

Punch Your ATM PIN Reverse to avoid theft

Have you ever heard if you enter your ATM PIN Reverse then it will beep an alarm to the police? No? There are tons of hoax and rumor about ATM and Security Levels, but most of them are fake. As this ATM PIN reverse trick.  Maybe you haven't tried this trick to avoid Theft or if you have tried then it didn't work for you. Reason is that this is just a hoax not a true fact. Let me clear this hoax first then we will move to the Real Myth behind this rumor.

In this ATM PIN Backwards trick if any robber forced you to withdraw money from an ATM Machine, you can tell the police by entering your PIN backward. For instance if your PIN is 1234 then you would put in 4321. The ATM recognizes that your PIN is in reverse from the ATM card you put in the machine. The machine will in any case give you the cash you asked for, however also alert nearby police station so that the police will be quickly dispatched to help you.

ATM PIN Reverse

But this wa…

Who is Hero Alom? Mystery or Miracle

Who is Hero Alom? A Mystery or a Miracle
As you know that Now a days Hero Alom is on Trending Section among the roasters and troll makers, just because of his look and weak body. But did you know about his lifestyle and his past? Or ever tried to get some information about his conflict heavy life. I'm pretty sure that the results will popped out in negative ratio. Reason? Because no one wants to gain some inspiration or motivation, most of the crowd follow the Roasters and wants to earn handsome money so they also do the same as their senior. People just download Hero Alom Photos and make meme's on it and make fun of it. It's not interesting -_- You must have to know that "Who is Hero Alom? Mystery or Miracle" in this post we will introduce you with his past.

Maybe most of us thinks that Hero Alom is son of Millionaire or a son of movie director so that he got chance in movie industry. But all of this was false, it's just a hoax. Hero Alom is a self-made man…

30 Interesting Navel (Belly Button) Facts! 7th is Hilarious

A belly button, sometimes called a navel, is something everyone have in the world has! A boy or a Girl, Young or Old aged, teen or Adult, they're always in the same place on their bodies. Have you ever thought Why do I have a navel? It is really helps us in any process? Or kind of any decorative purpose? So, Stay relaxed, we will answer all of your doubts one by one.

A Belly Button (Navel) isn't a natural part, it is a tiny stump given by doctors or by midwife while the mother is giving birth to child. In next paragraph we will clearly get all the information related to belly, keep scrolling for more. Maybe you have tons of questions about the topic, but some of them are very up voted by people. So, lemme clear those doubt's.

How did we get Navel?
Basically, itsn't natural organ like hands, legs, eyes or other body parts. When a baby develops inside the mother, he or she floats in fluid inside the mother's womb. While the baby is in there, he or she can't brea…

The Twitter Bird Actually Has a Name – Larry

Do you really know about that blue bird always popping up these days? It's Twitter. Do you know The Twitter Bird Actually has a Name - Larry. Well, the little guy's got a name. It's Larry. Larry the Bird. As in, Larry Bird, the Hall of Fame Basketball player. So, in this article we will explore some interesting knowledge about The Twitter Bird Actually Has a Name – Larry.

This tidbit most recently came to light earlier this week, thanks to a tweet from Ryan Sarver, a platform and API manager at Twitter. He posted a photo of Twitter's creative director, Doug Bowman, explaining how the company's logo has developed over the years. Sarver's tweet mentioned the "evolution of the Larry the Bird logo."

Stay relaxed and scroll down for more.

The Twitter Bird Actually has a Name - Larry

What kind of bird is it?
It's a sparrow, canary or robin. But wikipedia states that "According to Douglas Bowman, designer of Twitter, the new logo resembles a Mounta…