Myth Behind The Word HELLO

We are using telephones? am i right? If yes, then probably you're making phonecalls also. So, what's the first word you speak when you start a conventional talk? Is It Hello? Yes. Hello is a word which is used among all the humans, are they educated or not, male or female, young or old aged it remains same "Hello". Why we use this world? No idea, literally no one have a exact answer. So, in this post we reveal the Myth Behind The Word HELLO. 

As we all know Alexander Graham Bell is the father of the telephone. On 3 April 1973, Martin Cooper, a Motorola researcher and executive, made the first mobile telephone call from handheld subscriber equipment, placing a call to Dr. Joel S. Engel of Bell Labs. The prototype handheld phone used by Dr. Cooper weighed 1.1 kg and measured 23 cm long, 13 cm deep and 4.45 cm wide.

The telephone is an important invention that expanded and simplified communication. This invention sped and increased global communication, increasing the capacity for real-time interaction at a distance. For the purpose of communication, telephone was Invented. The telephone also changed how people communicate with each other on a daily basis. By telephone we can easily get in touch with others, this was the main reason behind the Invention of Telephone.

Myth Behind the Word HELLO
Myth Behind the Word HELLO

Myth Behind The Word HELLO

Now we are on the topic, it's time to talk about the word Hello. Almost all of us are using "Hello" word, but never tired to understand it's meaning. What does Hello Means? Question Raises! So, After spending couple of days on a deep research, we're here with a result.

If we simply go with wikipedia hello is used as a greeting or to begin a telephone conversation. It was Thomas Edison who put hello into common usage and now it's a dominant. Hello word is basically used as a symbol of greetings.

It is a type of DIAL-UP (ANALOG 56K) to communicate with people around us. It helps alot in this field.

What Does it Actually Means? How it Comes in Telephone Era?

There are some rumours also related to it, like Did greeting 'Hello' enter the language because it was the surname of Alexander Graham Bell's girlfriend? Was "Hello" the name of Alexander Graham Bell's wife? and some more related questions to Alexander bias. So, let me clear your doubts about this.

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Hello isn't a Memory of Girlfriend or Wife of Alexander. This is only a popular hoax on internet. Just to divert public mind. The Name of Graham's wife was Mabel Hubbard.

Mabel Hubbard was Bell's girlfriend who he later marries on 1877. The telephone was patented in 1876.

So, we can proudly say that it's just a Hoax, a fake fable.

Some Intresting Full forms of Hello -

Hello Word in 12 Different Languages
Hello Word in 12 Different Languages

What was the First Word over Telephone?

Graham Bell’s famous first words spoken over telephone are — “Mr. Watson, come here. I want to see you,” it was delivered without any greeting at all.

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Is Hello the First Greeting Word?

No,  not at all. The first greeting words was "ahoy". Yeah, the word mostly used on ships and Navy.  Ahoy," it turns out, had been around longer — at least 100 years longer — than hello. It too was a greeting. So, these are some Myth Behind The Word HELLO.

Why Hello?

As we posted in above paragraph, Hello is the symbol of greeting. So, whenever we start a communicational link we start it from the greetings. It's for making the link strong only, there is no hidden meaning behind this. That's why all the humans (almost) are using this word in the beginning of a conversation.

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Is Hello remains same for every Language?

No, Hello is a German Word commonly used as the greetings purpose or for welcome. Hello stands for different different types of meaning, in every language a new synonyms word is existed.

Every Language has its own culture and a different structure of welcome, but on phone calls they begin from same. One and Only Word used in start-up is Hello.

Hence, we had explained all the myth behind the word HELLO also some other facts related to this topic. If you're impressed with our work then make a share.

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Final Words -

All the queries are true Enough to satisfy your mentality toward Hello. There's no fake news or Hoax story. We point out the results after a deep web research. If you have any other information about this topic comment below. You can also ping us on facebook or make a communication link from contact us page also. Keep Sharing, because Sharing is Caring.


  1. Was "Hello" the name of Alexander Graham Bell's wife?

    No, Isn't True. I have posted an article on this Hoax, it's just a fake myth created by people. Here, You'll get a lots of knowledge about the word HELLO. JustMyth. We Share Stories!


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