30 Interesting Navel (Belly Button) Facts! 7th is Hilarious

A belly button, sometimes called a navel, is something everyone have in the world has! A boy or a Girl, Young or Old aged, teen or Adult, they're always in the same place on their bodies. Have you ever thought Why do I have a navel? It is really helps us in any process? Or kind of any decorative purpose? So, Stay relaxed, we will answer all of your doubts one by one.

A Belly Button (Navel) isn't a natural part, it is a tiny stump given by doctors or by midwife while the mother is giving birth to child. In next paragraph we will clearly get all the information related to belly, keep scrolling for more. Maybe you have tons of questions about the topic, but some of them are very up voted by people. So, lemme clear those doubt's.

30 Interesting Navel (Belly Button) Facts!
30 Interesting Navel (Belly Button) Facts!

How did we get Navel?

Basically, itsn't natural organ like hands, legs, eyes or other body parts. When a baby develops inside the mother, he or she floats in fluid inside the mother's womb. While the baby is in there, he or she can't breathe air or eat food or get the basic proteins to survive. That's where the umbilical cord comes in. The umbilical cord is a flexible tube that carries oxygen and nutrients from the mother to the baby. It also carries wastes away from the baby back to the mother, so she can get rid of them. What's the relation of umbilical cord to our Belly Button? Your belly button marks the spot where your umbilical cord was once attached.

The brand-new baby doesn't need an umbilical cord anymore. So, The doctor cuts the umbilical cord and a tiny stump is left on the body. When this stump falls off after a few weeks, the baby is left with his or her very own baby belly button.

It might be an innie or an outtie — which kinda do you have?

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30 Interesting Navel (Belly Button) Facts!

1. Whether you will have an outie or an innie depends on the way the doctors tie the umbilical cord during your birth. Actually, outie is faulty and is created only if the cord is not tied properly.

2. Navel is likewise the home for cloth lint. This happens because it is gathered by the hair around the belly button and lint finds its way inside the scar.

3. Women are less prone to navel lint compared to men. Also, people with outies generally do not have navel lint because the lint finds nowhere to go and rest.

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4. Whether you will have an outie or an innie depends on the way the doctors tie the umbilical cord during your birth. Actually, outie is faulty and is created only if the cord is not tied properly.

5. Belly button can appear as sticking out and is known as outtie or it can actually stick in and is known as innie. Innies are more common than outies. Only 4% of total world-wide population have outies. It is really scarce.

6. Belly button is unique only to mammals. Non-mammals that lay egg don’t possess belly buttons. So, humans are not the unique ones to possess this scar.

7. Belly button is one among the dirtiest places in our body. Honestly, it is very gross because it is the home to 67 different types of bacteria. Out of these 67 types, 2 are very rare.

8. Traditional Indian medicine and even Chinese acupuncture uses belly button as a sight for treatment in alternative medicine. Belly button is used to successfully treat many ailments including problems like snake bites and even roundworms.

9. According to Indian traditional yoga, there are 7 major chakras or energy points in human body and navel is one of them.

10. In Indian mythology, the belly button is very sacred because it is believed that men (not women) are born from the navel of Lord Vishnu. Well, it is not just Hindu mythology that puts stress on navel. Even Bible has mentioned it as important stating that it actually links heaven and earth, making it one of the most sacred places on earth.

11. Two humans will never have identical belly buttons because the germs residing inside the scar are unique to each human.

12. Different people have different shapes for their navel. Some have T-shape and some may have horizontal shape or something different.

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13. Researchers have found out that T-shaped navels are the sexiest of all with horizontal ones taking the second spot. T navels have an average score of 5.24 on the scale of 1 to 10 with 1 depicting least attractive and 10 depicting most attractive. Horizontal navels have 4.20 average score.

14. Belly buttons are capable of changing shape but this usually happens in women especially during pregnancy. When a woman gets pregnant, the innie can simply pop out and become and outie and stay that way for the rest of her life.

15. Navels can get infections. Despite the fact that there are many different types of bacteria that live in the navels, the belly buttons are perfectly fine.

16. The Fact that navel infections are not bacterial infections. They are rather fungal infections and are usually found in fat people who have large skin folds. These skin folds can cover up the navel and make it hot and moist, eventually leading to fungal infections.

17. Using antibacterial product to wash the belly button is not suggested. These products can kill the bacteria that live in the navel. They are actually our first line of defense against external microbes and fight of germs and other bacteria. So, let them be there.

18. Normally a person has an innie. If anyone have an outie, it signifies the improper tying up of the umbilical cord after birth.

19. It takes the most time to heal which is around 9 months to a whole year unlike ears, nose and eyebrows.

20. Each person has a different navel because of the different bacteria present in there. Everyone is unique in this world.  :p

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21. Scientists are spending millions of dollars just to research on this unique scar on our body because the believe that the position of the navel can actually be advantageous in some types of sports like swimming and running.

22. University of Helsinki researchers have found out that women with symmetrical belly buttons that are located centrally on their body are more likely to give birth to healthy babies.

23. Chemical analysis revealed the pieces of fluff were not made up of only cotton from clothing. Wrapped up in the lint were also flecks of dead skin, fat, sweat and dust.

24. Our belly button is one of the important parts of our body. It has so many functions to perform inside our body. It also serves as a fashion statement. for example women flaunt their belly buttons in low-waist-denims and sarees.

25. Not all people wash belly buttons daily. In fact most people simply don’t care about the scar. Some people do wash it but it is always suggested to use a plain soap or simply water to wash the scar.

26. Unlike such body parts as the nose or armpits, the navel doesn’t secrete anything. Also, since most people tend to ignore their belly buttons.

27. The heart of Utah's Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument lives a giant pothole colloquially named the "Cosmic Navel".
The unique landform is almost 200 feet wide, and geologists believe it may be up to 216,000 years old.

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28. Speaking of lint, someone actually holds the Guinness World Record for the largest lint collection.

29. Karolina Kurkova who was voted as world’s sexiest woman in year 2008 did not have a belly button. How is that possible? As a child she was born with a special type of hernia in which her intestines protruded out from the navel. She was surgically fixed and the belly button was reconstructed, leaving behind only a dimple which was neither an innie or an outie.

30. Assuming the Adam and Eve were the first humans, logically they didn’t have navels. Why not? Because they were not born from the womb of a human. They were banished to earth because the ate the forbidden fruit. They just appeared!


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