The Twitter Bird Actually Has a Name – Larry

Do you really know about that blue bird always popping up these days? It's Twitter. Do you know The Twitter Bird Actually has a Name - Larry. Well, the little guy's got a name. It's Larry. Larry the Bird. As in, Larry Bird, the Hall of Fame Basketball player. So, in this article we will explore some interesting knowledge about The Twitter Bird Actually Has a Name – Larry.

This tidbit most recently came to light earlier this week, thanks to a tweet from Ryan Sarver, a platform and API manager at Twitter. He posted a photo of Twitter's creative director, Doug Bowman, explaining how the company's logo has developed over the years. Sarver's tweet mentioned the "evolution of the Larry the Bird logo."

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The Twitter Bird Actually Has a Name – Larry
The Twitter Bird Actually Has a Name – Larry

The Twitter Bird Actually has a Name - Larry

What kind of bird is it?

It's a sparrow, canary or robin. But wikipedia states that "According to Douglas Bowman, designer of Twitter, the new logo resembles a Mountain Bluebird." It is in female gender.

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Why do they call it Twitter?

The original name was 'Status' but after searching through the dictionary, he found the word Twitter. The definition of word twitter was “a short burst of inconsequential information, and chirps from birds.” ... Inspired by flickr, Dorsey initially called it “twttr” and later changed its pronounce back to Twitter for simplicity.

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Twitter Logo History

The original logo with the word ‘twitter’ was used from July 15, 2006 to September 14, 2010.

A bird - scruffier bird was added in September 14, 2010 and this logo continued till June 5, 2012.

From June 5, 2012 the logo retained the modified ‘bird’ which is cute, little and upwardly mobile and dispensed with the letters.

Revolution of Twitter Logo and Human
Revolution of Twitter Logo and Human

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Conclusion -

So here was the complete guide about The Twitter Bird Actually Has a Name – Larry. I'm pretty sure that you must have got your answer related to Twitter Logo History, It was of Larry. If you have any other information about this topic, comment below or you can also directly mail us to get in touch.


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