Why do Clock run Clockwise?

Why do clock run clockwise?
Why do clock run clockwise?

Almost 70% of the public wears wrist watch in their hands, but did they know about watch's clockwise facts?
Probably No, have you ever think why do Clock run clockwise? why not anti-clockwise?
As you know the fork move into the direction of clockwise from the top to the right, then down and then to the left, and back up to the top. But do you know why?

In this article, I'm gonna share the facts behind the clockwise rotation of watch forks.

Why do clock run Clockwise?

In earlier times, when people don't have gadgets to check time they uses sun as the medium to analyse time. They use to capture sun's movie and it's shadow to measure the almost correct time.

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How do they check?

The clocks were preceded by sundials and, in the Northern Hemisphere, the shadow of the gnomon on a sundial moves "clockwise" during the day.

In earlier time, Civilizations from the Northern part of the globe could have a look at the solar's obvious motion going from East to South, and then West. with the aid of the usage of a gnomon (a stick or a column), it was feasible to comply with the round motion of its shadow, who happenend to be clockwise.

while the primary clocks had been built, it was obviously the clockwise rotation that turned into followed.

Where to wear watch? 

Most left-handed people prefer to draw circles and circulate in buildings clockwise, while most right-handed people prefer to draw circles and circulate in buildings counterclockwise. This is believed to result from dominant brain hemispheres, though some attribute it to muscle mechanics. It all depends on wearer. Most of the people use their non-dominant hand.

Is it necessary to run clockwise? 

Not much, if you'll never find a single watch with anti-clockwise rotation, except those modern watch which contains digital time measurements. You'll find time in 00:00 formats in those watch.
Clockwise is pretty good to understand and universally adopted method. So, it would be good if you adopt the same as others.

Final Words:

Hence, I'm sure that you must have get your answer, if you still have some query or suggestion; Comment below. We feel happy to help you. Sharing is caring so don't forget to share. Keep visiting. 


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