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About Us

JustMyth is founded to feed our users minds with myths and stories in a very easy way so that everyone can understand. JustMyth will provide you information about current myths and the secrets behind the work which you do in regular routine. So, Basically we share stories! Just to increase your knowledge.

Our Services -

  • Fair Amount Of Knowledge.

  • Truth behind the scenes.

  • Myth behind almost everything.

  • No Fake Details! No Fake News!

Our Mission!

Our mission is to introduce you with the true and fair facts about the world and it's creatures.

Who Manage This Blog? 

This blog is individually owned by Aditya Karwasra. He is the CEO and Founder of this blog.

About the Admin 

Aditya Karwasra is a Young Blogger, and owns his popularity to the fact that he posts genuine contents to his blog and believe in good rituals. A part-time blogger, not so passionate but he is hardworking and keep tries to improve skills.

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